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¤ October 2, 2015 ¤

♬ The Sellout

This post pertains to: Vidya Games

I broke down and finally bought a 3-month membership for EQ2. I figured it was the best time, as there are several things I needed (well, wanted-really-badly) in membership that would make things easier for me.

  • Membership people get double currency for any token in the game, and I need 100 of one token for each of my characters to get a sweet mount. So, I figured since I’m about to have all of them embark on a questline that gives fuckloads of those kind of tokens, now would be the best time to reap the rewards.
  • Also, membership people are allowed to purchase useful things from a particular shop having useful things, one of which is a teleport item that will help make things easier for me to do some quests.
  • Lastly, membership people get 500 pay shop cash every month so I figured that after my 3 month period is over I would have +1500 extra cash and I could buy another character slot with it.

I got 3 of my characters to level 100 last night, so I have 4/9 of my characters at max level…yay!

I also made Fulgur, a dark elf shadowknight who lives in Neriak. Which is LITERALLY the most stereotypical thing you could ever do…….

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