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Now in a TINY ASS SCREEN flavour!

The Dumpster

Dumpster is where I keep the bulk of my creative crap, stored in years (for colour and mono, at least). If it isn’t in a project, then it’s in here.


Monochrome is uncoloured stuff.

Colour, exactly what it says on the tin.

Flash is where I keep flash files. I used to be really big on it back in the day but nowadays I don’t make much in flash so this is rarely updated. A lot of it is from when I was in high school. They are generally unfunny and embarrassing because I made 99% of them when I was like seventeen. Look with caution.

Sketch is the least updated garbage bin ever. Most of the stuff is from when I was a kid in high school so it really sucks and there are so few that I didn’t put them in folders. Anyway, sketch is just art done on paper… I have a ton of them from my schoolin’ years since I would always be drawing in class. I have a few traditional art pieces in here from recent years but otherwise this folder’s never updated.

Unfinished is… well, just what the tin says. I have most of my unfinished work all the way from 2008 in here. The rest of that percentage is things I’m too embarrassed to show, though I shouldn’t be embarrassed considering the shit I drew back in 2004 and whatnot.

Random voice stuff!!

Other Stuff in Here

Dreams has my dreams. Mostly uneventful but when I remember stuff I put it in here.