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¤ August 21, 2014 ¤


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Today I was going to make my usual sad post in a sad manner because I am sad. But then I channeled my inner PokeyMaster voice who told me to


and encouraged me that I CAN be the greatest trainer to ever live. So I listened to him and instead of making my mopey post I’m going to make a post about pumpkins in my GLORIOUS NEW FOOD CATEGORY. And as you all must surely know I am an avid fan of ANYTHING PUMPKIN.

Today I ate Pumpkin Pie toaster strudels and made a pumpkin milkshake. Both were good.


I haven’t had toaster strudels in many many years, probably since I was in high school. I used to eat the toaster scrambles with cheese, egg and bacon, they were pretty good even though 90% of the time my toaster would only toast the outside and would leave the inside cold. Fuck that. But they seem to have discontinued that so whatever. Either way, when I opened these up they were SO small. Like I don’t remember toaster strudels being THIS small ever. Jesus tapdancing christ.

After biting into one I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually good. However, the taste of cloves was really strong. I liked it regardless. My teeth are committing suicide right about now.


The pumpkin milkshake was also pretty good. Though mine was of course no where fucking near as fancy as that shit looks. I actually bought a whole gallon of vanilla ice cream to use it for the single can of pumpkin puree I have.

Then I looked up pumpkin recipes and found nothing substantial to make. Fuck this heterosexual earth.

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Pharazon sung at August 21, 2014 1:37 am:

Too soon…

Tenko sung at August 21, 2014 9:36 pm:

You have to toast them like 1.5 times to make them hot inside. Also the cheese, egg and bacon ones are still around. I haven’t seen any pumpkin pie ones and I just bought some a week ago, but my store makes pumpkin pie ice cream. U jelly?

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