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¤ September 23, 2014 ¤

♬ Sword Art Online is a deep anime and is also now in Vindictus

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Are you fucking kidding me???? SAO, the leader of all wish-fulfillment garbage animes, somehow has managed to infiltrate Vindictus and they have a SAO-themed event. Including armours that not only cost $40 to buy but look horrendous.

THIS IS BAD. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS BAD. Look at this shit. LOOK! What the fuck IS this?! This wasn’t done by a professional, was it??! Where’s the texture? What material is the shit I’m looking at? Is that coat made of fucking clay or something? It’s like the modeler just finished sculpting the clothes and was like “welp, I’m done here,” and left the default material on the model. This looks like something out of a student’s school portfolio. And Nexderp wants you to pay $40 for it… ok.

I don’t know who this is (mostly because men in SAO don’t matter, it’s about your harem, duh), but it’s equally as bad as Kirito’s outfit. What the fuck is that breastplate thing supposed to be made out of? Again, there’s no texture here, it’s FUCKING CLAY. Those pauldrons? Metal? What? They’re CLAY. The clothes and the pants even look like clay. Who’s the director that said this shit was ok?!?

Lisbeth isn’t actually that bad. The shoes look great. The frills and waves on the skirt look good. And her apron-thing ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE CLOTH! I say her dress looks like cloth, too, better than the clay shit on the other 2 guys, but I still feel like work has to be done here. It’s still subpar to the other stuff in the cash shop.

Okay, her breastplate actually has the material of metal. So why the fuck couldn’t they do it for the two guys?? Oh right, because no one gives a fuck about male clothes. Gotta dress up the waifus. Other than that I guess it’s ok. Her clothes actually look like clothes rather than drapes oddly-angled clay. Her skirt looks stiffer than a kid’s boner at a strip club tho.

I don’t know who made these but good lord those male ones should not have been put into production. Just awful

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