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¤ January 25, 2016 ¤

♬ Smelly stuff

This post pertains to: Consumerism

When I was a young teenager I found a perfume site called the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I really wanted to order from it, particularly a perfume called Gluttony that sounded delicious and would probably make anyone hungry by just smelling it, but alas I was a teenager and I had no money.

Now that I’m an adult, I’ll still poor, but at least I’ve had jobs to have a little money. So I ordered a couple samples of perfumes (called Imp’s Ears) that I liked for $4 each, which was the Cleric and Paladin. They had the best reviews of the series I was looking at (RPG series), so I got them.


When the package arrived I found that it also came with a freebie sample, called Aunt Caroline’s Joy Mojo. The shipping was kind of expensive so that was nice of them, it cancels out I guess.

I first tried the Cleric. When I smelled it in the bottle, it was quite sweet and warm. The bottles are kinda hard to open. They’re plastic at the top so when I tried getting it open, it spilled some of the perfume… not great when there isn’t even that much to begin with. Nonetheless I put it on and got to smell the rest of it. It is a clean, flowery scent. Very fresh. I like it a lot.

As for the paladin… When I was sniffing it from the bottle, I was really unsure. I couldn’t even describe the smell. Faintly vanilla I guess, but I kinda hesitated. Once I put it on my skin, WOW. It’s a musky smell, yet sweet, kind of leathery. It has the same clean scent as the cleric. But the perfume on its own is more bold. Great smell for a guy. “Paladin” was a very fitting name.

The last one, the freebie, Aunt Caroline’s Joy Mojo. It smelled sweet and fruity in the bottle. After putting it on it smells a little more like bubblegum. I don’t like it very much. It reminds me of the fragrances I got from my mom for putting in my soap/lotion molds for smells. They were extremely strong smelling, it made me nauseous, so that’s what it reminds me of because it smells exactly like those overly sweet fruity smells.

Anyway, I’ve read shitloads of reviews, raving about the Snake Oil perfume so I might try that one day. I really want to try the rest of the RPG series, though.

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