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¤ November 13, 2015 ¤

♬ Old musics!

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I was going through some music on my dying XHD trying to find old sound effects, I came across a couple of old favourite songs from games…

Truth from Melty Blood: I really like its weird melancholy tone. I think of a once-good character finally snapping and killing a bunch of their friends or innocent people and it plays in the background as their psycho rampage. In-game, it’s actually the stage music for a church.

Hard Chain Reaction: this was a pretty unique song in-game, there isn’t much like it on the whole soundtrack. It was also the theme of a really long and annoying dungeon, for a character who is MADLY in love with you and the cutscene following the boss battle was kinda fucked up. Anyway it sounds hardcore, I think of fighting a really difficult enemy with this.

Oppression: this is the theme for the first AHHH FUCK boss you meet in-game. which has some very scary mechanics! they did a 3d remake of the game with all the music redone but honestly none of it even compares to the original music. So this song reminds me of running for your life from something horrifying, or watching something transform into a horrifying thing!

Brand Logo ~ Title Black: I’ll end this on a high note. If anyone didn’t know already… Final Fantasy Tactics is my FAVOURITE JRPG. Hands down. Nothing compares to how much I love Ramza and how much turmoil the story unearths. It’s also one of the darkest FF games, especially at the time of its release, it was pretty brutal. My comic is largely inspired by Ramza and his journey. The PSP remake has absolutely gorgeous cutscenes that really bring the most memorable cutscenes in the game to life. Anyway, enough of me blabbing my head off, when I was a kid I used to never press the start button when the game loaded up so I could hear this play over and over. It’s the beginning of a hero’s journey starting with peace, melancholy and then triumph. It gets me so pumped. I think of a holy knight praying, and then getting up, ready to go on a journey!!

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