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¤ March 31, 2014 ¤

♬ Not this dumb shit again

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why does this argument have to happen EVERY FUCKING TIME

every time this fucking chart is posted somewhere

some low IQ sperg has to chime in and say “but but but THOSE 45% OF WOMEN AREN’T PLAYING REAL GAMES”


hmmm ok, brave internet gamer warrior, please regale me with what you think is a ‘real game’
oh, let me guess, is it games like call of duty that market exclusively to males and exclude females? is that it?
let me guess, games that exclusively market to females are inherently worthless, right?
games that have a neutral marketing design like minecraft and the sims are not real games LMAO right?

it’s really cool that Modern Warfare 3 had an estimated revenue of ~26.5 million dollars in 2012, right? it’s a popular franchise so it’s gonna make the big ones right, cause only games marketed to men make any money and are valid in any way. right?

it’s also really cool that games like candy crush and other mobile-based games that you deem ‘not real’ make nearly $1 million dollars a day in revenue. what’s this? games that don’t purposefully exclude demographics in their advertising as well as game design also make shitloads of money too? but i guess that still can’t convince you that those silly, fake ‘non FPS’ games are ‘real,’ can it?

this “lol not real games” thing is something that someone whose balls haven’t dropped would say. it is the clear sign of a person who probably has not hit puberty. oh no! how DARE people with vaginas like hobbies that i like! well, they’re just playing shitty non-real games anyway! they aren’t ‘real’ gamers! fakers! those whores!

also anyone who calls themself a “gamer” is just asking to be mocked. people who play piano as a hobby don’t introduce themselves as ‘i’m a pianist.’ that gives the connotation that you are a professional whose career is in a band or solo artist where your main income is based on playing the piano. no, fucker, they say, ‘i play the piano.’ same with ‘gamers.’ ‘i play video games.’ why does the game community have to be so full of vitriol and an exclusive boys-only club that if anyone who has tits says they like games, they’re instantly outed as some kind of fake? you can tell the difference between ‘TEE HEE IM A ~GURL GAMER~ LOOK AT ME I HAVE TITS” and “ok vidya is cool” easily, so why do you have to assume everyone with ovaries is in the former category?

im not saying games like call of duty are bad
it’s fine, no one’s going to take away your call of duty and force them to wear pink and jewelry because FEMINISM WANTS TO DESTROY ALL OUR CALL OF DUTIES AND HALOS
of course it’s catered to a specific demographic
but when you start actually believing that those type of games are the only ‘real games’ that are valid to identify someone as a ‘gamer’ or whatever
you need to shut up, take the dick out of your ass, and grow the fuck up
i mean
are you twelve?

god i hate ‘gamers’ and game culture

TL;DR: any application that has an entertainment value is a valid game, shut the fuck up already you dumbass children.

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I’m sure you’d be great friends with Kaceytron.

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