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¤ August 28, 2014 ¤

♬ Musoukakyo – Touhou Anime

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I watched the second episode of the fanmade Touhou anime by Studio Maikaze today. Apparently it came out in 2011. That’s… so long ago… and the original first episode came out in 2008.

The plot of the anime is that Reimu, the shrinemaiden protagonist of the Touhou series, hosts a feast every Summer. This year her donation box gets stolen, and then a bunch of other random shit gets stolen from other characters, so they have to find the culprit. She cancels the feast to look for the donation box.

youmu Youmu doesn’t want to deal with your shit.

The art has noticeably improved in the second episode, and there’s less weird baby-fingered-hands. However, there’s still a whoooole lot of nothing going on. I don’t think a single substantial thing happened in the entire episode other than a scene with Patchouli and Marisa. There’s a scene that’s 3-4 minutes long where Reimu and Remilia talk over tea and establish something that was already established in episode 1 (which Reimu actually calls out in the anime). Why put it there? Nothing new actually happened.

Since it’s been ages since I’ve watched the first episode, I actually watched both in tandem to remember what the fuck is happening.

Episode 1:
Reimu and Suika (perpetually drunk oni) are preparing for the feast when Reimu notices her donation box is missing. Aya (tengu journalist) appears and brings Marisa (witch) to help look for it. They visit the Scarlet Devil Mansion where the vampire Remilia, her handmaid Sakuya, and anemic witch Patchouli reside, because Aya said Patchouli is suspicious. They bust into Patchouli’s library and accuse her of the theft. Remilia muses over an incident from earlier that day where Sakuya says that the tea and food from the mansion was stolen last night. Reimu fights Patchouli for no reason and Remilia stops the fight explaining that Patchouli has also been missing books, so she couldn’t be the culprit.

Episode 2:

tewi_udonge Tewi and Reisen spend the last 8 minutes of the anime fucking around with Youmu’s watermelon.

Youmu (a half-ghost swordsman) gets mad at Yuyuko (her senpai) for eating the food she made for the feast. Youmu goes to check on watermelons she left in the river. Yuyuko talks to Yukari (a time/space warping youkai) off-screen and says something cryptic. Marisa (a witch) finds a book that Patchouli (anemic witch) has been looking for and says that Marisa finding the book might not be coincidence. They agree to keep a theory said off-screen a secret for now. THIS IS THE ONLY IMPORTANT THING THAT HAPPENED IN THE ENTIRE EPISODE. Afterwards, Marisa finds that someone might’ve been listening, and finds a doll of Alice’s (puppeteer) outside the door. Reimu and Remilia (vampire) talk about shit we already know about, and then we go to a scene with moon rabbits preparing for the feast. Tewi (dumb rabbit) is trying to make mochi for the feast and Aya (tengu journalist) tells Tewi about watermelons she saw earlier, conveniently forgetting to tell Tewi that the feast is cancelled. Reisen (other moon rabbit) goes to look for her. Tewi takes the watermelons, pissing off Youmu, and Youmu is about to fight Reisen but the episode ends.

NOTHING HAPPENED. I was bored to tears. I guess this would maybe be less boring to diehard fans of Touhou since a lot of this seems to be focusing on interactions between characters but jesus it was so boring. There’s no like… anything. Just a lot of talking and a lot of drawn-out scenes. Probably the one thing I liked the most in the anime is that when Suika, an oni with very long horizontal horns, tries to enter or exit doors, her horns bump into the doors and she has to go sideways through the doors.

I’m tagging this as vidya because technically Touhou is a vidya game so yeah fuck you

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