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¤ April 23, 2015 ¤

♬ Moonrunes Notes 1

This post pertains to: Moonrunes

The first kanji for both 便利 (convenient) and 使う (to use) are dangerously similar… except 便利 has a 田! It sort of looks like a B, so maybe I can use that to remember べんり??

Also, it has been many years since I first studied babby’s first katakana, but I STILL can’t tell the difference between ツ and シ. I just can’t fucking find a way to remember the difference.

And what da FUUUQ 綺麗 has the craziest kanji how the hell does anyone read this shit in tiny font

にぎやか and 元気 both mean lively. So I googled what the difference is. Apparently 元気 can only refer to a person as lively. にぎやか is more like a place. Bustling, full of people, etc.

I had that problem also with 車 and 自動車 … they both mean car but 車’s original definition was ‘wheels’ and 自動車 is more like English automobile.

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