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¤ May 12, 2014 ¤

♬ Mirror Blue COMPLETE! (sorta!)

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My game is finally complete! After 10 years of development I hope it was worth the weight (spoiler: it wasn’t).

Background: Mirror Blue is a game made with RPG Maker 2003, back when it was fresh and new. It was my first experience with coding. As I learned more about programming and obtained my degree in it, I realized that RPG Maker is the worst platform ever made. Since it is for people who can’t code, I can live with it. But it is missing so much to make life easier…a lot of repeating and copy+pasting is needed here. A lot of work arounds. Anyway, it was my second game I ever made with an RPG Maker platform. The story is about an alchemist Slade who accidentally brings to life an evil creature that wishes to destroy the world, and him chasing it around trying to kill it.

I did a lot of bug fixing but my main concern was fixing my god-awful angsty dialogue. That being said the story isn’t very good and there are some plotholes/loose ends I attempted to tie up but it has been 10 years since its creation so I forgot a lot of the direction where I was going. The game is unfinished. It was the first part in a 3-part series. So, you will notice a lot of things are unimplemented… and for that I can only apologize.

I redid the face art and some other things but I left some stuff untouched, like bromides, so you can look at the really bad artwork I did when I was 14. It makes me laugh so I’d like you to laugh too!

Installation: Download the main setup files (version 1.0) here and the font files here. When you open the Setup.exe file you’ll be confronted with unicode nonsense:

Check the two boxes and change the install directory if you want; remember where you put it because you get no shortcuts or anything.
Then click the leftmost ???? button to install. Once you install it, go into the folder you installed it to and find RPG_RT.exe, that is the game. You probably want to make your own shortcut to it.

Now your font is going to probably look like shit:

So make sure you install the fonts from the rm2003_fonts rar to your C:/Windows/Fonts directory. Then you’re good to go!


  • Shamefully half-completed, clunky JRPG game
  • A completely worthless crafting system that’s nothing but an enormous, broken money sink
  • Really bad art that I left in
  • Shallow characters with as much depth as a virgin girl’s vagina
  • An E-chan cameo! (wow! the best part!)
  • 7-8 hours of gameplay (that was from me testing so it may be more or less, this includes all sidequest dungeons)
  • There are six chapters and each chapter has at least one sidequest dungeon in it.

How to play:

  • Use Enter/Z button for going thru text, it’s your confirm button
  • Use X/esc for your cancel button; in dungeons, this brandishes your axe
  • Use shift to jump
  • Arrow keys to move
  • You can find more info in the handbook in your inventory, which you will be told about when you start playing
  • To fullscreen/unfullscreen, use F4
  • To quickly return to the title screen, use F12
  • You can save at save crystals

Known Bugs:

  • If two people job level up at the same time, it will display the second person’s info while still retaining the first one’s data. just completely exit out of the screens (I think cancel three times) and re-enter if this happens
  • Rarely, when brandishing, the game will register a rock/whatever that you weren’t hitting as hit. The platform can’t handle a lot of events at a time so it will sometimes jumble things together.

I have no idea if anyone is going to even play this dumb thing but if there’s bugs I need to fix or if you get stuck somewhere I can fix them/unstuck you, just leave a comment or whatever.

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