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¤ January 28, 2016 ¤

♬ M-a-n-g-u-s

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Magnus has been through a lot of designing. I have always had difficulty drawing his head at different angles because I made the front view of his head LITERALLY SQUARE. So in different angles I freaked out because the shape of his face was no longer the same!


I hate dealing with uncertainty, in both life and drawing, so I sculpted Magnus’s facial structure in ZBrush to finally figure out what the fuck his face actually looks like in different angles.

ZBrush has a basic male body as one of its presets, so I just opened that up and stretched his face in a bunch of places to work. I made a small mistake when I was sculpting his nose, which resulted in a small bump. It was sooo cute that I’m going to keep it.


When I finished I took a bunch of angles and went over them in SAI so I have 100% accurate representation of his head. When I was tracing I got a better feel of the topography of his face. It’s extremely angular, so I tried to make sure that I didn’t create too many curved lines.


When I was drawing this, I had a little trouble keeping his hairline consistent throughout the angles. If I made it too high then his hair would leave a huge forehead gap which made him look much, much older. Magnus may have a busted face and act old but he’s still a young man (who wants to sow his wild oats but can’t). So I didn’t like that.

Also, I had initially thought I might get rid of the spikes in the back of his hair cuz they might be too anime, but then I came to the conclusion that it’s fine. Magnus is really self-conscious so he would try everything to look ok. Spiking your hair is the kind of thing I feel young guys do, so I think it helps keep him from looking a thousand years old (kind of like how a high ponytail on a girl makes them look younger).


I finished the topography of the front of his face, which is a lot different from what I had always drawn before. First, his face isn’t actually a square like a cartoon character, but it’s square-like. My previous problem was because I never actually gave him a chin. That didn’t translate well to other angles that weren’t a profile or a front view. Second his nose is difficult to draw from the front… it’s pointed upwards and I only really know how to drawn downward noses, so…

After mapping out the shading of his face, though, I’m more comfortable with doing other faces.

Can you imagine that this motherfucker used to look like this??

Old magnus...

The day I stopped drawing bishounen and started drawing men who actually look like men was the best day ever.

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