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List of MMOs

A list of MMOs I’ve played. A long, long time ago, I played with a guy named YinLan in Graal, and Thatz Bruder in EverQuest. I hope that someday I can somehow meet these people again.

My first MMO was Graal. It’s a Zelda-based MMO. More PKs = more power to you. I think I was 8 or 9 at the time. Maybe even younger.

My second was Legends of Kesmai. It was a blast! It’s long gone now though. It was really the first “MMO” I played, my brother introduced me to it. Imagine being like, 18 years old, playing that game, and talking to a 10 year old playing. Yeah…

Then there was EverQuest… A great game, but I have very bad memories riddled with lots of drama. Sadly, I was lvl 59, one more to the great, grandiose 60, when I quit. I regret it, actually, I wish I hadn’t.

Somewhere around here I played Phantasy Star Online on the good ol’ dreamcast. I played a FOnewearl named Poltergeist till the Sega servers shut down.

Now there is Ragnarok Online. I have been with RO for a year and I have met so many people and friends. I like it.

In the midst of RO, I moved to Flyff. But the game is in Beta and is very … well, boring after you reach second class.

I moved back to RO a little bit.

Tried Silk Road Online. It FAILS after level 10. Fun but damn, just another Korean grind fest.

Then I played Ferentus for a bit. It’s fun, but I just got MMORPG’d out.

I tried waiting for Seal Online, but it never came.

Flyff returned. I came back and got a Psykeeper, Felix. Then I quit at level 78. I won’t lie that some of me was emotionally scarred for awhile about the things and drama that have happened in this game. It’s really weird that some things would affect a person like that. You would say, “it’s a game” — anyone would, me too. But there are people behind these screens, and the things they do and say are more than “just a game.” Moving on…

I played Lineage 2 as a Necromancer, Khin. It was okay.

I tried Japanese Seal Online because I know they will never release English Seal. Played a Warrior, Anni. Lvl 53 before I quit.

I started game hopping with my Illuminati guild mates of Flyff.

So I started to play this Legend of Ares game. That went downhill, the interface was terrible.

Back to RO for a bit.

My friend Alfimi helped me set up an account for Talesweaver, but I had to stop very quickly because my entire screen lagged like crazy. I would have played if it didn’t lag, it was fun while it lasted.

I played RO some more… Tenko, who was hosting the server, had an HD crash. So I went to play Flyff for a while again. I made an Elementor this time.

Bored. Went to this RO clone game “Aglaia Online.” It’s mostly in Chinese. It’s not that great.

Completely quit Flyff. No more “break” stuff, I’ve quit. Enough is enough. Lvl 64(?) before I quit.

I went to back to Japanese Seal. Played a fire Mage. Lvl 45 before I quit.

Pretty sure I am going to get addicted to WoW in the near future.

Applied to Cabal Online but I got bored and my computer couldn’t handle it anyway. Lvl 10 before I quit.

Went back to RO… For the billionth time. This time on a server called gRO as a Priest. I got sick of it since mostly everyone there gets on my nerves. Lvl 83 High priest before I quit.

For a very short time I played Monato Esprit, but I was really disappointed by the beta so I didn’t stick around for the next beta. I wanted to be a templar, grr.

Played Guild Wars a bit with Illuminati friends. Was a Nec/Mez. Lvl 14 before I quit.

I played Trickster as a Dragon…to be… disappointed by the English version. Doubt I’ll ever go back again. Yuck. Lvl 24 before I quit.

MMORPG’d out for a few days until my friend Raven20 told me of a ROSE private server named RuffRose! So I hopped on and made a cleric, Suffer, and then fell to victim of “fuck I’m sick of Korean grinding”. Lvl 91 before I quit.

I went gameless for a damn long time because I just couldn’t stand Korean grind anymore, so what did I do? I…

…went to World of Warcraft. Played Khin my undead priest, got bored, and then played my hunter Khinyker, who I absolutely loved, but I got pissed and now I don’t want to play anymore. It just gets boring after awhile. Lvl 28 priest and lvl 38 hunter before I quit.

I played a private server for Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst with Tenko for a little bit. Lvl 58 before I quit.

Awaited for the much-hyped Yulgang. When it finally came out, the interface, the battle system, the everything — everything was so terrible I quit approximately five minutes after starting the game. I think I got to level 3.

I signed up for Fiesta Online and got accepted into beta but I heard from everyone that sucked so I didn’t try it.

I started playing a ROSE server named Sevenhearts as a Cleric. Leaving, I decided not to dwindle in a community with so much e-drama. Lvl 168 before I quit. I miss how amazing my cleric was, she had buffs like no other and it took SO LONG to get to 168.

I tried to get RO2 up because my friend ravaged some peoples’ acct info because they quit. I failed to get it working. I couldn’t try it.

Played RF Online server named Novusector as a Spiritualist. Lvl 17 before I quit.

Went back to Ragnarok Online for a very short time on a server named Twilight Destiny, since I was sort of missing RO and wanted to check out the new stuff. Got bored really soon. I hate playing solo priest. Lvl 73 before I quit.

Seal Online English came and I was disappointed. Sick of MMO’s. I stopped my Mage at level 23.

My friend Seiran unfortunately poked at my interest with Dream of Mirror Online, which has very customizable characters (I am a sucker for this). Trying hard to be a casual player and not go back to my hardcore grinding days.

Well, I quit DOMO at level 20 cause I couldn’t stand this horrible ass grind anymore. My brother and I reminisced about old EverQuest, so we got EverQuest2 and played for a few months. I had a level 56? Necromancer and I was fuck-ass loaded.

I stopped playing MMO’s for a time. Then Chris started asking me about Ragnarok Online, and I really wanted to play once again, so I looked up low rate servers (hard to find nowadays) and found IlluRO. It’s small and quaint but it needs a bigger population. I was a 99 High priest but the fucking admin blew the server off after people donated their money. Fuck him.

I was paining to play ROSE again, so I found this wonderful little server, AceROSE. Davus and I played for awhile and got to level 104 but again, another son of a bitch admin; he closed the server with no good reason at ALL. Fucking hell, and there’s not even anymore 10x servers out there.

To my dismay, I was desperate for an MMO to fill a hole in my life, so I tried out some Flyff server I don’t even know the name of. But then I realized no matter how much you customize flyff and set its rates to whatever, it still fucking sucks.

I have been homeless for months, since October of 2008. I have not yet found something to play, though I pine to annihilate people in WoE on Ragnarok, I have been making my own server a few months after IlluRO shut down. However, I have a feeling the project will fail, so I may dawdle on another server, perhaps not. TBH, no new Korean game satisfies me anymore – they are all the same, yet RO still has a strange charm I cannot defy. I wonder if I will ever break away. Too bad RO2 was dropped, because I think it would be good if it didn’t… uh, suck so much.

Fastforward to late February. What has always been my weakpoint? Cutesy tootsy graphics. What game have I been looking at to play, but is only in Japanese? Emil Chronicle Online has caught my interest! I quit cause of grind, I hate playing alone, and the language barrier can only hold me for so long. I was a level 16 human knight and a level 10 angel dark shaman(?).

Well, a month after that I got bored of being alone so my friend suggested a game to me… Shin Megami Tensei Online IMAGINE. I’ve never played an SMT game in my life, but my friend was obsessed with them. However, there are so many reasons why that game sucked that I can’t list them all here. You can read my review I wrote on LP for this game here. Yuck. I think I was level 21 or so before I quit.

Another month goes by… and somehow I get latched onto a game called Team Fortress 2. While it’s not an MMO, it’s different from all other FPS… it has actual characters with personalities, it has humour, and it has a cartoony style. Yes… I fell in love with it. And it’s now my lovechild of fandom. I’m not good at it, but I love it.

I did wish to play an MMO still, so my friend Hawkeye and I played IAH version of Dragonica Online. We were surprised at how fun it was, we got diabeetus from the adorable graphics, and we liked it. However, we were constantly met with lag lag lag because IAH is the Asian version. So when THQ*ICE version came out for America a month later, we scrambled to it and brought another friend along, Reoga. We got to around level 34 or so before we just kinda… stopped playing because well… the grind was bad. We fought the same bosses over and over again and the level structure was so bad. Oh well.

Awhile after, I found that Hawk and Reo went to a RO server, so I tried to tag along. It was called Sylvanas RO. It was super high rate, something I’m not used to. I stayed for about two days and then I got bored plus I hated the community. Later I found out it closed because of bug abuse, lulz.

As of 11/6/2009, I was empty-handed, and kinda sick of MMOs; I had single-player games to hold me over.

I think maybe a month after, in December, Tenko randomly popped up the question of playing some more shitty Korean games. My heart sank because yes, I did miss those times, they were fun. We looked around and found Spellborn. I had gameguard errors at first but got around them. Ultimately, I lost access to my password and because the game was dead and being revamped, I sent a help ticket and never got a response.

So we tried another game with a similar score, Runes of Magic. It was as fun as as a free WoW game can get. Though travel was slow, it was fun because you can have dual classes. And… well, it was with Kooters, so it’s always fun. I think we were somewhere around level 15-20? before we quit.

I paid for a month’s subscription for Everquest 2. I get a lot of offers for guilds on my inquisitor but I turn them down because I like working at my own pace and enjoy being alone. It’s strange how many things have changed since then, just like how things in RO are constantly changing, but I can adjust to them slowly on my own. It’s the first of February as I write this, and Erollisi Day is starting tomorrow (valentine’s day event) so I think I’ll pay for another month.

12/21/2010: Well, it’s been awhile. I stopped playing EQ somewhere in June/July/August? because I couldn’t afford it anymore. In EQ I joined a nice RP guild called the Great Nest which was a ratonga-only guild (my cleric was, obviously, a rat). I had fun for a long time and I miss it, but I would just be wasting my subscription now because I have no time to play. I miss my cleric, Sinclair, he was level 70.

After that, my brother and I, I think in August, played a RO server called Agharta which was an RP server. We got bored easily because we didn’t know many people and no one really wanted to RP with us cuz they were in their own cliques.

Afterwards we found a game that was opening up in beta called Uncharted Waters Online. I have so many good things to say about this game because it’s incredible and revolutionary imo, but it is flawed by so many bad gameplay mechanics (clunky interface, asians ruining everything despite them already having their own servers, dual boxing REALLY hurts the economy, no caps on nations… etc). I was 15/15/10 trader/merchant/maritime.

When I got bored of that, Hawkeye, Reoga and I played the newly-opened Dragonica Online, now Dragon Saga run by Gravity. I actually got to level 43 and became an oracle, finally, after playing how many times? Anyway, a lot of things changed for good, but like all games the cash shop brought it down tremendously and I got bored in about a week or so, and the community is full of fuckheads. I love that game so much but there are so many stupid things that bring it down. I miss my oracle. I love oracles so much.

I don’t have any MMOs right now, 12/21/2010.

~2011: Played Eden Eternal with Kooters and I think a couple of other people, at this point I forgot. Also I did play Dragon’s Nest as a magician->elementalist, since everyone else was playing the psychic class or whatever.

4/17/12: How long has it been? Vindictus, as I have lovingly named Vinderp, has been my love child for going on a year and a half now. A day or so after I wrote the above, Corey got me to try this game called Vindictus. I had heard about it when it was going through beta, thinking, “This is seriously just another Korean MMO. What’s the big deal?” But it wasn’t. It’s an action game AND you can dress up your waifus. I’ve become so enamoured with the customization that I made a fashion website just for it. Dorky, huh? Well, I don’t have any plans to stop any time soon.

During Vinderp, being my primary game, I tried out quite a few games between. Spiral Knights being one, while trying out some new MMOs with Richard. It was…. okay. I didn’t like it so much. Mostly the control scheme and it seemed kind of clunky.

I heard about a game called Continent of the Ninth Seal that claimed it would bring down the hulking Mabinogi Heroes, except I wasn’t really pleased with it, everything seemed really unpolished and I couldn’t get into it. Oh well.

Then TERA, hohoho, oh TERA, y u suck so bad? I actually just wanted to play the game so I could be a bunny girl lancer, and I tried really hard to like it, because the game says that it’s an “Action game,” but it is no more of an action game than WoW with no cursor. The graphics are stunningly beautiful, but sad, sad game mechanics make it suck ass. I think I was level 12 before I quit.

I played a game called Raiderz for a bit, in the alpha, and while I’m REALLY pissed at the shield guard aspect of the game, it’s really nicely done, well-polished and interesting. I’d like to play it when it’s in beta.

I quit Vinderp around September/October due to boredom. I wasn’t playing anything till November when Corey introducted me to Guild Wars 2, which I had played during a very brief beta period where my friend ShinKei lent me his account. I at first was sceptical, as I played during a free trial period on the weekend and wasn’t so interested, but I became enamoured with it and bought the game anyway just to play cooking. My main is my beefcakes guardian Magnus Vermilion (some fuckhead took “Magnus Vermillion” with two l’s) and my other love is my sexyman thief Verdieux Vasallo. I play on the Stormbluff Isle server.

In January it was announced that TERA was going free in February, so me and a few other friends signed up to play on the free trial account despite TERA’s combat being incredibly lackluster. It’s actually much more fun when you’re playing with friends, and I got to enjoy the beautiful environment and be a bunny girl once again. This lasted for about a week then we got bored of it. Back to GW2, zzz.

In August ’13, Final Fantasy XIV went into an open beta. I played for a little bit and decided I did not like it. I really love the narrative, dialogue and graphics, though…but I just could not get into it.