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Links to stuff I’ve collected over the years.


Writing stuff

In the advent of creating a webcomic, I’ve been conducting research on how to NOT SUCK. Here are some useful sites I have bookmarked.

Resources for Writing and Writing Instructors
Your bread and butter. Grammar, style, sentence structures and what-have-you.

Lillie Ammann
Has series of help with writing characters and self-publishing.

Superhero Nation
Plenty of articles about fiction writing advice; while it says superheroes, it’s a valuable resource for any genre of fiction writing.

Writing World
General fiction resources and advice.

Bad Webcomics Wiki
While this isn’t really conventional ‘writing advice,’ it reviews bad webcomics on a series of points: art, writing, characters, and miscellaneous stuff. This is where you go to learn NOT what to do. Also, it’s NSFW.

The Webcomic Police
It is less caustic than the Bad Webcomics Wiki, but its function is close – it reviews all comics whether they are ‘bad’ or ‘good.’ I think it generally does a better job at analyzing than BWW, but I still like them both.

Paneling, Pacing, and Layout in Comics and Manga #1
Helpful advice about how to properly create panel layouts and place dialogue bubbles to create the best reading flow for the reader.

Write about Dragons
Video lessons for beginner fantasy writers by Brandon Sanderson, who wrote Mistborn.

Writing Excuses
Podcasts for fantasy writers also hosted by Brandon Sanderson and some other guys.

Other Artists

People I respect because they are far better than me!

Vinnie Veritas
This guy’s style is not only awesome but he makes bitchin’ flashes. Check him out.

PORNOSTAR: Tamaoki Benkyo
The artist who did the Tokyo Akazukin manga. Very awesome.

I like his artwork and writing.

Derek Yu
The spectacular artist for Eternal Daughter, I’m O.K., and Aquaria. His sprites are beautiful.

S.R. is the official artist for Ragnarok Online 2, and has also done some work for Ragnarok Online as well. One of his unique styles, I think, is a stippling sort of style, where he colours with dots. The site is in Korean.

A collaborative visual art blog by a bunch of people (their names are listed on the side), they talk about topics like video games, anime, etc.

This guy has been working on a 2D fighting game for awhile, I like his style because it’s very clean. Please take a look at the upcoming game, I will continue patiently waiting for him to finish, because everything about it is amazingly cool. EDIT: It’s actually out. Skullgirls actually became a reality. Wow.

TAIRA has a unique style that I can best describe as a sketchy, blocky, usually low-intensity colour job, which she does very nicely and it’s a good idea to check her out to see what I mean. What a great style.

There is something about his colouring style that makes his work/doodles very vibrant, even if the colours are dull.

1nori: Kazunori Morisaki
This guy did the concept for Ninety Nine Nights. I love the detail in his artwork.

Scully7491’s DA
As much as I hate deviant(f)Art, the only thing it’s good for is brushes, and I pretty much downloaded every single one of this woman’s fantastic brushes.

Painter Of Pancakes: Dan Lacey
This guy paints pictures of pancakes on peoples’ heads. It’s good and gave me a chuckle.

Slime Mansion: Hans Tseng
This dude are pretty cool.

Guro/Trauma Corner

Here’s links to some guro sites, and general real-life trauma because sometimes people are sick fucks.

  • Caterpillar’s guro manga collection
  • GuroChan
  • Psyke: Real. Slit wrist pictures. Gives me the chills.
  • Ogrish: Real. Has videos/pictures of real crimes and trauma. Not for the faint of heart, but good if you’re into that stuff or need to realistically depict how people get into traumatic accidents.