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¤ June 15, 2015 ¤

♬ Life!

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Long time no post!

Some things…

I bought an amazing poser program called DesignDoll for $80. I don’t regret it tbh. I use it all the time now for poses and it’s much easier to pose with than using 3dsmax. Plus it even has an intricate FINGER MOVER FOR EACH FINGER. Here’s the latest picture I made with it

Anyway, also I am going to Anime Midwest on July 3rd and I am cosplaying as E-chan. I got my dress today from the chinese people
I have to figure out what kind of dye/paint is best for fake blood, and attach some red flowers to the neck.

And I got some new business cards…

Still waiting on the stickers I ordered for the con.

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