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¤ May 30, 2018 ¤

♬ Jury duty

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I had jury duty yesterday which wasn’t fun but it was an interesting experience. I had to be there at 8:30, I went to the Daley center in Chicago. They ushered us into a large room and gave us panel numbers, then we went to the corresponding rooms of said panel numbers, which was 36 people per room.
A lot of time was spent waiting… the judge seemed nice though. We got interrogated about stuff and I said some foolish things. Then we had a lunch break at 12, I tried sitting next to this lady but she said I couldn’t because she was “discussing baking information” like I gave a fuck.
I sat next to someone else who eventually left and another lady came over. She started small talking me and I got extremely nervous/anxious. I told her I was in jury duty and she offered to buy me a coffee which was really nice of her but I declined. After I told her I was an illustrator she said she needed a book illustrated and we exchanged cards. She did end up buying me lunch at McDonalds which I’m really grateful for, I ate it very quickly.
I tried returning to the courtroom but I got very, very lost and ended up being 5 mins late. When I tried opening the door, it was locked, so I felt very embarrassed and just sat outside the room. When another man who was out in the hallway on his phone opened the door, I realized that I had opened the door on the right -which was locked – the left one, which the man opened, wasn’t locked.
I was extremely embarrassed…
After the interrogations were over, the judge called two people back to be interrogated further – me and another person. Since the case was a car accident case, I discussed how the car accident I had last year made me biased. So I didn’t get picked.
I went home with $17, yay. Then I had a nap and I ate at Red Lobster.

I wrote a very simplified Japanese version of this post:
首になりましたので! やった!!!

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