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¤ February 24, 2016 ¤

♬ “It’s just a game, it doesn’t have to be real!”

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How does someone respond to this statement?

I thought about it and how a lot of the costumes in Butts & Sluts are super revealing. I don’t really care about that because the lead artist (Hyung-Tae Kim) basically revolves all his art around sexy ladies so it’s to be expected in a game that’s about fanservice and doing kung fu in a hooker outfit. I want more practical cool armour, but I can’t really help but think about that one line that dismisses my entire preference.

“Who cares? Why do you want realism and practicality in a video game? It’s not real, it’s just fantasy, it doesn’t have to adhere to real life.”

Well… yea, but that doesn’t mean you can make an entire game 100% illogical, it has to have some basis in reality. I don’t really know how to respond to that kind of statement. When someone brings up that “argument” in relation to wanting practical armour I feel shut down. Yes they’re right it’s a video game you don’t have to make everything 100% realistic. But I like having practical stuff too, it doesn’t hurt.

Hooker outfits: sweet man
Practical stuff: douchebag fag

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A lonely songbird sings ““It’s just a game, it doesn’t have to be real!”” ♪

solution finder sung at June 7, 2016 10:50 am:

Problem: I want more practical cool armour in this game.
Solution: Play a different game.

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