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¤ May 22, 2015 ¤

♬ Hospitality Mac n Cheese Review

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On our trip to the grocery store a week or so ago I found a box of Mac and Cheese for 32¢, the brand being Hospitality. Being less money than $1 Kraft mac and cheese, I decided to get it and try it out. But I bought a box of Kraft just in case it sucked.


  • It wasn’t radioactive
  • Looked like mac and cheese
  • Filled my tummy
  • Was 32¢


  • Tasted like it was 32¢
  • No spirally version

Some tips: You can add shredded cheese to make it taste less like 32¢.

It wasn’t that bad though so I’ll probably pick it up again! It does not have spiral shaped noodles which upset me because those are the only kind I buy from Kraft. It is the price I must pay for being 32¢.

♥ Posted at 8:48:32 pm CDT

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