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¤ May 11, 2014 ¤

♬ hoodlumpoop

This post pertains to: ArtThoughts

I have so many things to do ughhhhhhhhhh
this is so overwhelming
I have a bunch of things I need to do and a bunch of things I want to do and a bunch of things I don’t wanna do and aaaaaaaaaaaa

to make up for my lack of content in anything here is some more bad artwork I made in 8th grade (that was ten years ago so I was 14)
we were graduating middle school so I made this for my friend Sean and I made him pick out a bunch of things from Gaia (YOU UNDERSTAND THE DEMOGRAPHICS OF THAT SITE NOW) to draw and here we are
I don’t remember if I had already gotten banned from the site for botting or not. That timeline is very fuzzy.

Oh yeah and there was this kid I had a crush on named Justin who I asked out, but being the super loser I am, he turned me down by saying “maybe” hahah
I am glad this happened though, that kid turned out to be an ultra bro douche later on


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