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¤ October 6, 2015 ¤

♬ Forging

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When I was young, in high school, I got caught forging my mom’s signature for what I believe was a bad grade on a test. Something like that. I got a D or an F in some class, forged my mom’s signature on some kind of note for it, and turned it in. I got called in and I don’t remember what my punishment was. Maybe it was detention? I actually have no idea.

It didn’t really have that profound of an effect on me, mostly because it just taught me to be even sneakier about forging signatures.

I did it often, not because I was in trouble, but for miscellaneous things. Class field trips mostly, or some other kind of forms requiring parent approval. I would always shove these papers in my folders and forget about them until the last minute, when I couldn’t get my parent’s signature anymore.

So I just started forging better. “Forging” isn’t a very good verb for it, because I wasn’t writing at all. I scanned the document requiring a signature, then scanned another piece of paper which had my mother’s signature on it. In photoshop, I would place the two together and then print out the new sheet. I don’t know why nobody noticed there wasn’t the slightest glimmer in the “ink.” But it got me through a lot of stuff I forgot.

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