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¤ May 7, 2015 ¤

♬ Dumbness intensifies

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Today someone on Tapastic posted a less than happy comment. Some people have said it was rude or unfriendly, but I just think that they don’t understand the story. I was a little crushed at first but after I got over it I thought it was funny.

I was so excited in the beginning of this series to read the story, because it seemed interesting and the artwork is beautiful and now I’m so disappointed because the protagonist seems so dumb.

We are talking about a seventeen-year-old girl who has never been outside without supervision, and has spent most of her life thriving on fairytales, storybooks and historical anecdotes of how amazing, awesome, chivalric and respected House Vermillion was. The audience doesn’t know this yet so I understand they might confuse idealistic naivety with “dumb.” However, let’s see what kind of “dumb” things E-chan has been up to in the past two chapters:

  • Bluffed magic she didn’t know to attempt to diffuse a fight
  • Used a mechanism she learned about only minutes before to disable her attacker and escape
  • Possesses knowledge of plants in the forest. Most people can’t identify anything past poison ivy
  • Successfully evade two paladins, one with force and one by using her surrounding
  • Start a fire to distract another paladin, using only sticks, oil, and a steel brooch

I would mention being a chemist, but I’ve made a bit of a mistake and only used that as telling instead of showing, so it doesn’t count. That being said, she sure does a lot of dumb things, doesn’t she?

I have a bit of a thought in my mind that this person is also of the same mentality of the people of Gaia who ask, “Why did her hair get cut off?” All the evidence is right there on your screen. If you used your head a little bit maybe you would see she is not as dumb as you think. Idealistic. Young. Not the smartest crayon in the box. Yes, but not dumb.

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