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¤ January 30, 2015 ¤

♬ Diggersby

This post pertains to: Conversations

(2:14:47 PM) Kooters: diggersby is cool because it makes little girls cry
(2:15:02 PM) Anni: why
(2:16:00 PM) Kooters: little sisters playing x/y
(2:16:03 PM) Kooters: first pokemon game
(2:16:06 PM) Kooters: catch the cute bunny
(2:16:09 PM) Kooters: then it evolves
(2:16:16 PM) Anni: into…that
(2:16:21 PM) Kooters: and they cry
(2:16:37 PM) Anni: i love how it even has a 5 o clock shadow too

♥ Posted at 2:20:09 pm CDT

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