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¤ July 31, 2015 ¤

♬ Charms

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Many moons ago (in May) I ordered a sample pack of charms from Zap! Creatives, as I was interested in getting into selling merchandise at cons. Approximately 50 years later, I finally got the pack. Turns out I had ordered it right when they were getting new printers so I had to wait a thousand years to get my shit.


They have various different charm finishes but the one I like the most are still the clear ones (bottom left). I guess the coloured backing ones could look nice if you have a complimentary colour scheme (or I was thinking I could use characters based on their associated colour, like Echan yellow, Magnus pink, Alif purple, etc.), but the clear just looks overall the cleanest and feels good. They have wood ones, I touched it and instantly recoiled. I hate the feeling of wood. However, the wood ones are the cheapest ones from the site, so that is something to consider.

Making/selling charms is a pretty interesting thing. A lot of the time I see them priced at $8-$10, for a tiny 2 inch thing. I personally wouldn’t buy that, no matter if it was my favourite anime character or not. It is extremely pricey to make them, too. Since Zap! is an English company, it’s even more pricey to convert and ship across the pond – the cost for 25 2-inch clear double-sided charms is about $99. Not taking shipping into account, it comes out to $4 per charm. Yikes!!!

That stuff is really expensive, so I’d have to come up with something that would really sell. I don’t know what that would be. Some popular timeless character. Maybe a pokemon? Who knows.

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