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¤ September 10, 2014 ¤

♬ Might be some broken stuff

This post pertains to: Updates

Allo! I am currently changing the way permalinks work to try and deter these fuckers who keep bruteforcing my back-end! I don’t want them in my butt so I’m changing links. If you find anything broken let me know, thanks!

Edit: All done. I should have fixed everything regarding navigation but there’s probably some broken links in old posts. Eh.

♥ Posted at 3:47:00 pm CST

¤ September 9, 2014 ¤

♬ New Flash video!

This post pertains to: ArtUpdates

Greetingz. I have made a new flash video of this comic even though I don’t know why I do this because no one but me thinks they are funny. I hired some guys on Fiverr to be male voices because I have no friends and of those pool of non-existent friends I do not know anyone who is an actor. So I technically have enough content for three flash videos but this one took me all day to make so fuck y’all bitchez.

♥ Posted at 9:37:21 pm CST

¤ August 1, 2014 ¤

♬ My webcomic is out yo!!!

This post pertains to: Updates

Hi, everyone. My webcomic exists now! You can read it here!

I drew 8 pages in 4 days so my hand is literally metaphorically dying. Now, to spend an eternity skulking in the dark void of the internet because I don’t know how to advertise my story at all. Hurray! It would be really cool if you guys could like/share whatever the site! I don’t really know the gravity of such a thing because I have very few facebook friends so any things I would theoretically “like” or “share” no one would see I guess?????????? this is what I get for being a hikikomori

I’m also literally terrified of commitment, just like my gutwrenching fear of speaking to human beings!

♥ Posted at 12:06:12 pm CST