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¤ May 10, 2018 ¤

♬ Lewds

This post pertains to: ArtUpdates

So yeah, I draw porn now, I want to say it started in mid-april, I was bored of stuff i was drawing so I somehow gravitated to porn even though ive been too embarrassed to draw porn my entire life.

Well, since I started posting it on my pixiv I get at least a few followers a day, haha. its pretty fun, but… I probably have to keep it a secret because it’s shota porn, and so that’s legal grey area and all that regarding CP.

but i’m not hurting anyone and im having a blast so im gonna keep doing it.

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¤ January 20, 2018 ¤

♬ A summary of the past 2 years

This post pertains to: Updates

So seeing as i haven’t really posted anythign substantial in like 2 yrs I figured I’d make a list of things I’ve been up to then.

  • I bought a lifetime subscription to WaniKani so I don’t have to worry about subscription running out. Now I can study my moon runes in peace. やった! However, I have not studied in a while (since mid last year) and I basically forgot everything so I had to reset myself back to 1.
  • I have my own business now, which doesn’t really mean anything, but I didn’t wanna get punched in the dick by the IRS since I want to regularly attend anime cons. And they say that a hobby stops being a hobby if you do it frequently enough for money, so I was like, well I might as well just fuckin go the business route then.
  • Around the end of 2016 I started getting into 3d modeling again. I’ve always been kinda fascinated by it but when I was in college we were forced to do some stupid 3d bullshit for a class and i HATED it. When I saw a game that was coming out that had super cutesy chibi graphics it kinda blew a fuse in my head, like WTF, this is the aesthetic I’ve been longing for for so, so long. Why am I not doing this? This is the shit I wanted to make. I did a little bit but because I never really learned Blender in its entirety I got frustrated, all I did was look up tutorials on YT which weren’t particularly comprehensive. So I stopped for a while.
  • I got back into modeling once I discovered a site called Udemy that lets you buy classes. I bought like $70 worth of Blender tutorials which really helped me A LOT and now I feel a lot more comfortable in Blender. I will make a separate post about my 3D models later.
  • I am currently in the process of revamping my convention booth to look more pretty and professional looking!
  • Now at the start of 2018, I’m REALLY obsessed with a particular artist’s use of digital watercolours and am trying really hard to both emulate it and make it my own style. It’s hard but I like the results, I think… I’m still experimenting. The funny thing is I used to make all my art in Photoshop but switched to Manga Studio once I realized how much better it is (magic wand tool anyone?). However, for the digital watercolours I now have to paint in Photoshop because that’s where the brushes are… oh well.
  • I attempted to get into traditional sketching/inking in 2017. That didn’t go very well.
  • I wanted to get more serious about making more comics in 2017 as well, guess how that went?
  • I guess my MMO for the past few years has been Tree of Saviour which I seem to keep quitting and coming back to from time to time. I hate IMC but it’s fun to play with my friends.
  • I bought a 2D game engine called Construct 2 which has been instrumental for a lot of stuff! I was able to make a really small farming prototype thing that I haven’t worked on in a while, but it’s really simple to use and I like it a lot. I also use it for my comic’s map which… I never actually released yet…. maybe someday.
  • I almost for the most important part, I officially became a freelancer in 2017 for a company that makes magnets (mostly for education; childrens’ toys). It was probably one of the best work-related decisions ever.

Phew, that’s a lot! But that’s all what’s happened recently!!

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¤ January 21, 2015 ¤

♬ Auto Emote 1.0

This post pertains to: Updates

Finally finished this piece of shit! (Made with WPF / C#)


Like being a weeaboo and using Japanese emotes, clearly superior over English ones? This is for you!

  • Automatically copies emotes to clipboard when clicked
  • Add your own emotes (or any text, really) by changing emotes.txt
  • Sick resizable window!

Note: If you drag the cursor around on the emotes too much, you’ll likely get an error about being unable to open the clipboard. I assume the rapidfire clipboard copying causes the error because it can’t keep up, but it won’t crash the program.

You cannot rename emotes.txt to anything else. It will run, but nothing will show in the box. If there are weird squares, that means your computer doesn’t have Japanese language pack installed.


♥ Posted at 3:40:58 pm CDT

¤ November 13, 2014 ¤

♬ Fetish fuel IGNITE!

This post pertains to: Updates

Have I mentioned I successfully changed Epheliachan’s age to 17 without mucking up various age-sensitive timelines? It even worked out better than before for Fulgursama. Now I can have my creepy underage fetish AND have things work out in the end! Yay! Also now all of her relationships are 300% more creepy!


♥ Posted at 8:26:13 pm CDT