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¤ February 24, 2016 ¤

♬ “It’s just a game, it doesn’t have to be real!”

This post pertains to: Thoughts

How does someone respond to this statement?

I thought about it and how a lot of the costumes in Butts & Sluts are super revealing. I don’t really care about that because the lead artist (Hyung-Tae Kim) basically revolves all his art around sexy ladies so it’s to be expected in a game that’s about fanservice and doing kung fu in a hooker outfit. I want more practical cool armour, but I can’t really help but think about that one line that dismisses my entire preference.

“Who cares? Why do you want realism and practicality in a video game? It’s not real, it’s just fantasy, it doesn’t have to adhere to real life.”

Well… yea, but that doesn’t mean you can make an entire game 100% illogical, it has to have some basis in reality. I don’t really know how to respond to that kind of statement. When someone brings up that “argument” in relation to wanting practical armour I feel shut down. Yes they’re right it’s a video game you don’t have to make everything 100% realistic. But I like having practical stuff too, it doesn’t hurt.

Hooker outfits: sweet man
Practical stuff: douchebag fag

♥ Posted at 8:27:28 pm CST

¤ October 21, 2015 ¤

♬ The End of an Era

This post pertains to: DepressionRants

I am quitting my job on the first of November. I can’t take it here any longer.

At first I was happy to have a chance to be an illustrator and build my portfolio for future opportunities in the illustration world. As time went by I became less of an illustrator and more of a personal lapdog. As it stands, I might’ve even become the new maid if I did not decide now to leave.

I’m now basically my boss’s personal servant. “Fix this clock. Find this thing. Call these people. Go through this folder. Find this. Mail this. Write this. Move this. List this. Sell this. Buy this. Package this.” I’m tired of being the little dog told to do these stupid menial tasks that I didn’t sign up for.

It wouldn’t be so bad if these tasks weren’t continuously complicated by my boss’s inability to provide any information about anything. My rage comes from the fact that any time my boss asks me to do something, 99% of the time I’m not given any information on the subject and I have to send 50 back and forth emails trying to figure out what the fuck I’m doing, what is going on, what I need to continue. Most, if not all, of these tasks could be accomplished by him in half the time it took for me to do it because he is the one with all the information to do it.

Earlier in the week I was told to call Aflac about getting a refund. I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere, but I might as well call. I did, and to no one’s surprise, I couldn’t get anywhere because I wasn’t the policyholder. so my boss asked me to set up a 3 way call for him. It was stupid. My only point in the three way call would be to get past the automated messaging system and get to a real person. So I just called from the phone in his office instead and handed him the phone when I got to a real person. what was the point of that? Me being there to spend all 1 minute pressing the right buttons to get to a real person?

There are so many stupid menial tasks that become complex issues that take days to solve, and would’ve taken literal minutes if he did it himself. It’s infuriating, I do not need this, and it isn’t worth driving here every day for a fucking hour and a half and back to get paid less than what my mom makes as a secretary. Basically doing the same clerical shit I am.

I am not giving a two weeks notice, only one. I’m going to send my resignation letter tomorrow and after that will be my last day here.

Help me god.

♥ Posted at 11:23:09 am CST

¤ October 6, 2015 ¤

♬ Forging

This post pertains to: Thoughts

When I was young, in high school, I got caught forging my mom’s signature for what I believe was a bad grade on a test. Something like that. I got a D or an F in some class, forged my mom’s signature on some kind of note for it, and turned it in. I got called in and I don’t remember what my punishment was. Maybe it was detention? I actually have no idea.

It didn’t really have that profound of an effect on me, mostly because it just taught me to be even sneakier about forging signatures.

I did it often, not because I was in trouble, but for miscellaneous things. Class field trips mostly, or some other kind of forms requiring parent approval. I would always shove these papers in my folders and forget about them until the last minute, when I couldn’t get my parent’s signature anymore.

So I just started forging better. “Forging” isn’t a very good verb for it, because I wasn’t writing at all. I scanned the document requiring a signature, then scanned another piece of paper which had my mother’s signature on it. In photoshop, I would place the two together and then print out the new sheet. I don’t know why nobody noticed there wasn’t the slightest glimmer in the “ink.” But it got me through a lot of stuff I forgot.

♥ Posted at 11:05:32 am CST

¤ August 8, 2015 ¤

♬ かわいいですね?

This post pertains to: ArtComicThoughts

I might have stretched the truth a bit in my latest Q&A response.

Yeah, it’s true that I considered a realistic style in the fetal stage of my comic, and yes I am very inspired by Meduka Meguca.

However, it was never once in my mind that my comic was cute. I did not actually intend it to look like that. I did not associate my style with “cute.” It was just “cartoon.” When people started saying that it was ‘cute,’ I was really confused. “It’s cute? It’s just a cartoony look.”

Eventually I just kind of rolled with it. “Yep, it’s a story about a cute girl.” I guess it just happened that way. I now kinda facetiously advertise it as such.

♥ Posted at 10:03:26 am CST

¤ August 3, 2015 ¤

♬ Adventures in Copyright Infringement

This post pertains to: ComicThoughts

It was brought to the Tapastic community’s attention today that there was an extremely scummy site that took comics from Tap without the creator’s permission, and forcing people to pay for reading them. Talk about copyright infringement.

From several investigation posts, the person seems to be from Indonesia and has done this multiple times. They foolishly used their real name for the site registration and didn’t buy WHOIS protection, where they also had a LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter under the same name (Tya Restami). She also happens to play a lot of MMOs and has her name featured on a lot of Indonesian gaming sites. Too bad she’s a scummy bitch who steals other people’s stuff to try to make money off of it.

Anyway, with a couple of hours, the site got taken down after asking the host (which was thankfully American) about the situation.

However, though I wasn’t a victim of it, the thought of some asshole stealing my work like that infuriates me. I read another comic where they have a small watermark on each of their pages. It’s not distracting, but it’s also still visible with their comic group’s logo so people know where it’s from. I think I am going to start putting that kind of watermark on all pages from now on.

♥ Posted at 1:36:14 pm CST