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¤ June 27, 2015 ¤

♬ For a game you fap to, Criminal Girls has pretty good music

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I was watching some videos showcasing Skullgirls’ animations frame-by-frame and I heard a song I liked. From a game called Criminal Girls (spank material).

Finding the OST was really difficult. I had to sign up for a Baidu account and download it from a shady Chinese link. I don’t have any viruses though so that’s good.

I like this song a lot. It reminds me of a boss battle with a jester or something.

And this was the song that was playing on the video, for Double’s animations. If you’ve ever seen what Double looks like I think it was a good fit.

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¤ November 23, 2014 ¤

♬ Nostalgia Trip!!

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I’ve been listening to this guy’s songs lately and it’s got my nostalgia boner going. I was going to say that One Winged Angel was my favourite so far but I can’t even to this:

It gives me the chills and makes me really want to play Chrono Trigger again. There’s not enough praise I can give that game. There is nothing I hate about it. All the characters are unique and memorable. And nobody looks like Goku (maybe Crono) even though Akira Toriyama was the character designer.

Either way, I want to play all these games again now, Mario 64, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6 & 7.

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¤ August 26, 2014 ¤


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The choreography on this is crazy smooth!! Always love for mai boifurendo Jay Park

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¤ May 8, 2014 ¤

♬ Zoooooop

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I found this song while listening to my playlist and while I don’t understand what the lyrics are talking about I just freaking love it

♥ Posted at 4:44:41 pm CDT