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grorious nipponese

¤ March 28, 2015 ¤

♬ Pixiv

This post pertains to: ArtMoonrunes

I remade my Pixiv account from like 5 years ago yet again. I figured that since I made a deviantArt one I might as well make one for the Japanese version of dA right? Not that any Japanese people would probably read my comic but I guess it doesn’t hurt to have exposure? Either way, Pixiv got an English portion of the site a while back so I might as well. I remember when Pixiv was super exclusive to only Japanese people and you had to put some really specific info for your prefecture in. It was a bitch to sign up back then, but I suppose now it’s got an English portion they took off the ultra exclusivity and now let any moron sign up, polluting it with bad American artwork.

The funny thing I found out is that they have changed their rating system quite a bit. On dA, if you have a mature picture in any way (sexually explicit, gore, etc.), you only have to tag it as “mature.” On Pixiv you have a bunch of really specific shit to correctly tag your photo with, like depiction of minors, boy’s/girl’s love, alcoholism. Like, they’re not tags, they’re checkboxes you choose when you’re uploading that are handled by the site itself. As if that wasn’t specific enough, I’m proud to be a part of a crowd that even gets its own rating separate from R-18 pictures!!!!!


That’s right!! Guro LITERALLY has an entirely separate rating for itself!! It’s not enough to just lump it into the R-18 section with the underage girls showing their coochies and tittyfucking and whatnot. Guro is so prominent on Pixiv that apparently they had to make a fucking category for it, and you can specify it as such when you upload.


Thankfully, they also save your tags too every time you post a new picture. The hardest part about uploading was that I had no idea what Japanese people called certain things. When you’re trying to tag Puella Magi Madoka Magica, I realized that they copy directly from the official name, which has a STAR in it. SERIOUSLY: 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ

You’re probably thinking, “But Grorious Nippon is superior! Everyone knows Asian artists are the best! How could Pixiv just be another shitty deviantArt?” Except it is, and when you look through any tag in search most of it is utter shit, just like dA.

And so far I have four followers, and they’re ALL guro fans. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting…

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¤ February 28, 2015 ¤

♬ Memrise can’t spell its own name correctly

This post pertains to: Moonrunes

Lurking on Imgur I found a site that teaches you many languages, called Memrise. I love different languages and I love learning them so I had to hold back from choosing every language they had on the site.

I picked the beginner Japanese one and I was really concerned at first that none of their words were actually in Japanese. However, it seems they teach you a few basic phrases first and then ease you into babby’s first kana. It’s a little aggravating because it’s kind of like being taught how to use Photoshop when you already know how, but I did learn a few new things. I learned the word tea is お茶! And one of the first words they throw at you is draft beer… which was weird… till I found that the second lesson is for beginners is restaurant words… which I thought was even weirder tbh.

Not sure how this is gonna turn out but hopefully it doesn’t suck. I’d love to learn Arabic, Korean and French someday muaahahhaaha. Probably not.

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¤ December 11, 2014 ¤

♬ EmoFuri – Take 3

This post pertains to: ArtMoonrunes

  • I learned (or, just didn’t notice before) that in auxiliary items’ rigging, you can define its up and down and left and right movements. I fixed the ahoge’s awkward-looking movement by changing the ahoge to move at the top, rather than the default bottom, where the ahoge is attached to the head…
  • When choosing auxiliary items’ rigging in the import screen, the last option in either head or body option makes the item’s Z axis the lowest and moves it to the back when an animation starts(?). I think that’s for weapons or something? I can’t think of a use for that sort of trick.

Mangus’s default rigging was SO. BAD. He isn’t a moe anime princess so I guess it’s not a surprise that everything was fucked. Pretty much everything on his face was misaligned and I had to correct it. Because his mouth is so low on his face, whenever he turned left or right his mouth would fall off the bottom of his face. I had to draw a n_n face for one of the defaults and holy shit I never want to see him make that face ever again it’s fucking horrifying.

I wanted to make his pauldrons bounce sort of if he made any sudden movements so I anchored it to boob movement, but that didn’t work very well because they bounce regardless of movement… so it looked bad… I ended up just fusing it to the torso because there weren’t any good movements for them.

I also drew him with a 4px pen so it looks MUCH better than E-chan. Omg but his cape bounces so much. I don’t remember what I anchored it to… This is one of the default animations!

Mangus smiling is really weird. Mangus isn’t allowed to have emotions other than anger and disappointment. Be one with the male stereotype, Mangus.

I made this one myself!! Getting the transparency to work in photoshop was A ROYAL ASSPAIN!!! (ha ha, get it? because magnus is a royal paladin? get it? get it???)

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¤ December 10, 2014 ¤

♬ EmoFuri – Take 2

This post pertains to: ArtMoonrunes

I said there’d be Magnus-kun…


I found out that apparently there were more templates that weren’t included in my original download. I loaded up one that has way more functionality, like adding bangs without making them auxiliary items, and arms, and even stuff like different eyebrows, eyes and at least 2 eyebrows/eyes/mouths you can add as custom. That also meant I had to spend a shitload of time reorganizing and drawing new stuff. There’s both a lot of help and tutorials on EmoFuri and yet sometimes it’s hard to find what the hell I’m looking for.

  • I found out that you can rearrange the layers/folders in Photoshop to tell EmoFuri the load order. So the layer order given in the templates isn’t the absolute. I moved my eyebrows and eyes underneath the hair in the PSD, like real people and not anime people.
  • You can disable motion blur by clicking the check box in the export screen (option starts with ブラー and some kanji I can’t read).
  • ふらり is a pretty good choice for jiggle physics.
  • For some reason the advanced one doesn’t have a background layer. I had to add it as an auxiliary item…
  • When porting in an auxiliary item, if you want to modify its movement again from when it was originally rigged (and blue in the import screen), you will have to delete it and re-port it, because if you try to reimport the PSD while the item still exists it will change nothing.

This time I tried my hand at learning how to animate. It’s very… awkward… hard to use…. annoying. It’s like a gimped version of using Flash. I don’t know how people have perfect loops because the hair at the end of my animation kept bouncing and it didn’t matchup with the start of the gif. I had to use magic to trick the program into going to the original position and editing that part out. I’d like to not do that.

I also cut out the ahoge and put it as an auxiliary item like I said in the previous post. Who knew a stupid little hair would be such a pain in the ass? When I was porting it in and choosing the motion, none of the anchors I chose really fit. I imagine the ahoge moving left and right, but when I anchored it to the back hair, it just moved up and down… I guess the back hair doesn’t move left or right very much? Anchoring it to the front bangs made it look weird and artificial. I anchored it to the left bang because it seemed to sway left and right a lot, nope. Still looked dumb. I just went ahead and defined the custom warps. I think for Magnus’s ahoge I’ll just pick the second option for movement which seems to be generic?

And I enabled jiggle physics for these so there’s your damn jiggle physics you hooligans!!! Trying to look for jiggle physics on A-cup girls!! These are the animations I made… it’s really hard to do! I don’t really get how other people make them so good!




I think Mangus might be next for real!!

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¤ December 9, 2014 ¤

♬ EmoFuri – Take 1

This post pertains to: ArtMoonrunes

EmoFuri is fun and cool, if not a little hard to use, given the language barrier and very strict requirements for the base image. Things I’ve learned:

  • When you import a file, if there are any missing layers (they will show up as red when being imported), the program will crash if you press インポート. I was missing the background layer (背景), and after I added it, EmoFuri did not crash after importing.
  • When importing, there are several extra layers that need rigging other than the three given in the PSD file.
  • To disable jiggle physics, one must go to the second option under the RED menu and click the greyed out tab next to プレビュー (パラメータ-something), and disable the last one (胸揺れ) by choosing the first option (無し).
  • You can change what layers go over which (the Z-axis alignment) by going into the BLUE menu and clicking on the レイオウト (first option) of each piece. You can adjust the Z axis there. I changed the eyebrows from being on top of the hair to being below the hair by making their axis 8.4 instead of 12.
  • While the base template that comes with the program has the bangs attached to the face layer, I do not recommend this. Instead, I placed the bangs on a separate, auxiliary layer (called 追加パーツ_1) and then manually changed how they appear for each emote. It looks WAAAAAAAAAAAY better. Plus, I noticed that since I previously added the bangs to the face layer, whenever my person looked down or up, the head boundary was skewed due to the inclusion of the bangs and made the face look super weird and long. After changing the bangs to a separate layer it’s much better.
  • The boundaries in the template seem pretty gracious, so I made them much more precise after a couple re-imports. I can’t tell if it’s for good or bad, or even if anything’s really changed, but I think that it’s better after making more precise part rigging.
  • Having short hair MAKES YOUR HAIR FUCKING FLOP EVERYWHERE. You can change it by making the boundary for hair very long, so it offsets the jiggle physics that normally affect long hair. When the boundary for your short hair is set as if it were long, then the super bouncy floppy hair ceases.

The boob jiggling added is hilarious. E-chan is supposed to be either an A or a B cup which makes it all the better, but as it stands I don’t think it matters what cup size you are, your boobs aren’t going to jiggle if you slightly move an inch up or down (unless it is an extremely sudden movement). I went thru each of the jiggle physics options but none of them were really fitting so I ended up just disabling it.

Fruits of my labour today, learned about the basics of the program. Want to try making a different animation other than the defaults included. This one’s a default. Next time I won’t use such a large brush (9px…)


I want to also animate that ahoge and maybe try adding a hat. And, maybe do some creative stuff by removing arms from the body and adding them as auxiliary items instead.

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