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¤ September 21, 2014 ¤

♬ Bots bots bots bots BOTS

This post pertains to: Miscellaneous

I wonder how many of the hits I get on this site are just bots?!??! 60-90% of all visitors to my site are probably bots! Yay!!!!

Have some spam comments from bots that have been visiting lately!! Usually, my plugin blocks out these guys before Akismet can even say “NOPE, DAT’S SPAM,” but lately there have been a lot of spammers that have no threat level and are getting past! Crud…


♥ Posted at 5:11:55 am CDT

¤ September 14, 2014 ¤

♬ Early Halloween!

This post pertains to: Miscellaneous

I bought some premade cookies to bake and at the back of the box is this cut-out mask to put on your spawn. I don’t have spawn so I decided to give someone an early Halloween costume. It fit pretty well on Squib. Now Squib is fully prepared for Halloween!!!


♥ Posted at 6:02:10 pm CDT

¤ September 8, 2014 ¤

♬ Hurf Dog

This post pertains to: Miscellaneous

Every time I use Corey Talburt’s phone to take reference pictures I always get to look at these pictures of this enormous fat and lazy dog that he took. I finally immortalized him in a gif to show how fat and lazy he is.


Edit: I should have never made this. Every time I look at it I really want to squeeze a fat dog. I wish I had a dog.

♥ Posted at 10:10:31 pm CDT