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The vidya.

¤ May 13, 2015 ¤


This post pertains to: Vidya Games

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It’s too much for me IT’S TOO MUCH. THE HYPE IS SO REAL OMFG. They emulated RO SO WELL. imc seems like a really chill company. They even said if they couldn’t find a publisher then they’d publish it on their own. Thank god Nexon isn’t going to publish it, though apparently they do in jp/kr. Please no Nexon. Don’t ruin my one true RO game that isn’t the garbage simulator that is RO2.


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¤ March 21, 2015 ¤

♬ Scam Artists

This post pertains to: Vidya Games

Gaia is such a fucking scam. Can you believe that every time they make an item, they basically can recolour it in Photoshop in 5 seconds and then resell it as a different colour and people snatch it up?

The average price of an item is 799gc so we’ll round it as $8. The units are between 500-800 availability to be sold. So if they sell out all 800 units at $8, they just made $6400 by recolouring pixels. And they do it again and again. Imagine making ~$6400 per day because you drew some fucking pixels and then recoloured them a bunch of times. Why haven’t I started a business yet? Hire some pixel artists, hire some web developers and bam you can sell shitty pixels too.

I hate everyone.

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¤ March 16, 2015 ¤

♬ Elf lover

This post pertains to: Vidya Games

I’m ashamed to admit I have two WoodHalf Elves now because I forgot V was a WoodHalf Elf. Oops. I didn’t want to make another human though since my necromancer is already a human.

On the plus side at least I have Tracking on this character…


I guess it’s not too farfetched since V and E-chan share the same race canonically????
My warden was already a half elf :V Oh well.

♥ Posted at 1:31:14 pm CDT

¤ March 3, 2015 ¤

♬ Emergency Portal Repairs

This post pertains to: Vidya Games

So there are these instances in EQ2 that are basically tradeskill dungeons, which is something that fascinated me because no game has ever cared that much about crafting that they made dungeons literally just for people who craft. Back in the day before the max level was 100 they used to be VERY VERY hard. Now I can solo them. It’s kind of sad, but after doing a couple I actually really enjoy doing them.

One of them I just did was Portal Repairs, where a meteor struck the construction of a portal to exit a raid zone that is in the void. The foreman literally says that the adventurers inside will be angry that there’s no portal. I thought he was joking but sure enough once I finish the dungeon a bunch of NPCs come running out of the raid tower (the first one who is aptly named “an angry raid leader” and immediately just BOLTS to the portal and leaves) and then say this stuff in chat:


Omg lol it was amazing. I didn’t remember that ever happening.

I also just did a quest where your character was annoyed by the fact that a quest NPC gave you a hunt-and-kill quest, to which he says it’s either that or burning oil in the eyes. And you actually have the option to PUT BURNING OIL IN YOUR EYES. IT ISN’T A JOKE YOU ACTUALLY DO IT AND GET BLURRY VISION AND A DEBUFF. Omg

♥ Posted at 1:29:50 am CDT