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Sometimes I can be an adult and make my own food.

¤ July 13, 2014 ¤

♬ Cookan time part whatever

This post pertains to: Food

Made three batches of pampkin cookies!!!!!!!


Sure it looks like someone with cerebral palsy splotted them onto the baking sheets with reckless abandon, but they taste good so fuck you. Ain’t nobody got time to actually shape them into perfect circles.

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¤ April 12, 2014 ¤

♬ Cooking with Anni part whatever

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I recently got back into Webkinz again after months of not playing. On their off-game site they have a section for parents, because everyone knows that, despite webkinz catering to childrens’ demographics, 90% of the playerbase is middle-aged moms playing their kids’ accounts at work. I’m not going to go into all the insanely sneaky and clever marketing tactics that Ganz does, but hoo boy. Anyway, back to the point – their parents section has things like crafts and recipes and trying to keep your parasites busy. I found some breakfast recipes posted there and me, loving breakfast, decided to try them … well, mostly because they didn’t seem hard at all.

(off-tangent rant: I used to adore breakfast food but I got sick of it after a while because it just became more disgusting every time I tried different things. Scores of uncooked bacon and slimy eggs have already raped my mouth more times than I’d want so I just say ‘fuck it’ every time I want breakfast food, because 9/10 wherever we’re eating at, it will probably taste like shit. So I hate breakfast food. But I love breakfast.)


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¤ January 18, 2014 ¤


This post pertains to: Food

Today I went to Mitsuwa with a couple of friends. It’s a Japanese market that my brother always went to. I have been here before but it was younger and I don’t remember much about it, so this is the second time I’ve gone and I actually got to buy stuff I like because, like, I’m an adult and I work (or something, I’m just a gigantic manchild with an ID that says I’m over 18). The running joke was that the security would kick out my friends for being white, but since I am Asian it was ok and they would be allowed in. I’ve been excited about the trip the whole week because what I really wanted more than anything was to taste a taiyaki!


Pictures and adventures inside

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¤ January 8, 2014 ¤

♬ Breakfast at Night

This post pertains to: DepressionFood

I am horribly depressed at this moment, so instead of doing my usual moping about like an emo kid who found out he’s not relevant anymore in 2014, I decided to try my hand at that thing where you play with fire and shit gets burned – no, not firefighting – cooking. Because I am hungry and I haven’t eaten anything all day yesterday or all day today.

I made egg-in-a-hole because it’s the only thing I really know how to cook. It is something my dad used to make me often when I was younger. I almost thought I forgot how to cook it, pathetic as it seems, since only a braindead Ron Paul 2012 supporter wouldn’t know how to cook an egg. I was about to whip out my Ron Paul 2012 paraphernalia in defeat before I felt this heatwave swell over me. Then I realized, “Oh wait, this is the vestigial feeling of not being a fucking failure for once.”

I fucked up the first egg and cooked it too long so there wasn’t any yolk. I like having the yolk to dip the bread circle into so I only fucked up the second egg by breaking it, but at least the yolk was there.


And now, do I feel like I accomplished anything? Nope. I’ll just go back to moping and listening to IU sing 입술 사이 all slowdancey to me, and then realizing that she had accomplished more than I ever have in my entire life when she was 16. Fuck this.

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