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Capitalism, ho!

¤ December 7, 2013 ¤

♬ Bee products GET! Hurray for flippant consumerism!

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On Black Friday, Kooters was sending me a bunch of links to Newegg on some external hard drives he was looking at. I have two XHDs and I have never used one of them. I felt guilty not having anything to buy because I really do not need anything electronic. My keyboard is fine, I’m not someone who needs a mouse with 30 buttons, my computer specs are fine and when I got my new monitor last year I was looking to buy new speakers but it came with them. So nothing I needed. But the messages of ‘omg, this is a good deal’ finally penetrated my weak-willed psyche and I caved. I decided to get stuff that I’ve been wanting/needing for a while now.

I eagerly awaited one whole week… yes, it was terrible! First world problems are so rough. But I finally got my stuff today.

Bee one with the beez 

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¤ September 12, 2013 ¤

♬ The Seasonal Domain of Pumpkin

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Stores are starting to stock pumpkin-flavoured things now. I’m so excited because I love pumpkin! I must say fall is my favourite time of the year. It’s not too cold and not too hot… at least in a perfect, non-Chicago weather situation, it is. And of course, I love shoveling metric assloads of processed pumpkins down my esophagus! I just indulged myself to a pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese at Einstein Bagel Bros and it was fucking great. I would have sex with that cluster of simple carbohydrates, except it’s now being riddled with stomach acid.

I also ordered their ‘frozen pumpkin pie’ shake… thing… and it wasn’t as good, but it wasn’t bad either. I had also tried the ‘salted caramel pumpkin mixer’ at Culver’s (it’s a midwest chain). It certainly romanced my tastebuds with creamy deliciousness, and also probably gave me the ‘beetus.

Sadly, the evil dominion of Starblorks has ceased its production of Pumpkin Scones, at least in my area. It was the only reason I ever went to Starblorks, because everything else in the menu has the consistency of a watery pile of dogshit that was funneled into a cup with a fancy Italian word to denote its sizing. My boss was the one who first introduced me to these scones, so now I’m addicted and I’m having a scone withdrawal.

Lastly, Dunkin’ Donuts seems to have a pumpkin donut thing going on, but I have yet to try it. I must have all things pumpkin.

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