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¤ August 30, 2014 ¤

♬ I wish I had a job and/or money

This post pertains to: Animu

I want a Viral figurine so bad even though I never actually finished Gurren Lagann

But Viral was clearly the best character, fuck Simon and Kamina


Look at this crazy fucker!! The want is SOOO STRONG :( :””(


I think Viral was one of very few characters I had ever made fanart of. (2008)

Someone buy me a Viral figurine for my birthday I’ll let you suck my cock
While you’re at it, buy me a Gunji figurine too????


Now that I think about it, I think… there’s a pattern… I have mega boners for blonde crazy boys whose hair covers part of their face….

♥ Posted at 4:28:40 am CDT

¤ August 13, 2014 ¤

♬ I regret my past

This post pertains to: AnimuArtRantsThoughts

Past me is so embarrassing that it’s pathetic. I was such an EDGY SHITLORD. Praise the lord that I got out of that phase, holy fuck. I’m sorry to all my friends who have had to deal with me when I was a stupid edgy teenager. I wrote dumb journal entries that read like bad fanfiction of a twelve-year-old trying too hard to sound dramatic and deep (most of these were written when I was 15, that was a fucked time in my life). I also spent most of my time on the internet pretending to have different personas and be a boy, which I’m not denying that I still do, but at least I know that I can’t make a convincing persona if I don’t believe my own lies. To this day I still pretend to be a boy on the internet.

Ranting and self-deprecation

♥ Posted at 7:07:05 pm CDT

¤ July 24, 2014 ¤

♬ Animu sound effects

This post pertains to: AnimuThoughts

While trying to search for some blood sfx I found a site that contains pretty much every stock anime sound effect from the ’90s.

I have to clean up my jizz-stained undies now because I FUCKING LOVE STOCK ANIME SFX. It reminds me of my childhood when I watched Slayers and a huge portion of the sfx from that site I could recognize and remember from Slayers (and probably any other ’90s anime anyone’s ever watched).

Stock anime sfx are the bomb. They’re so cheesy but they’re great for delivering familiar reactions to fans of anime. Before, when I used to make flash videos back in the day, I actually went through and recorded every instance of anime sfx in Slayers that I could possibly get (with no characters talking during the sfx). I unfortunately lost that and many other good sfx I had in a folder that I forgot to copy over when I got a new computer… but this makes me want to start making flash videos again. That obviously won’t happen because I’m far too lazy for such a thing (and since it’d be about shenanigans I don’t want to horribly mutilate any male character’s voice since I have no friends who voice act; i have only made one shenanigans flash and it sounds fucking awful).

Good times, good times…

Edit: Also, they apparently have an Ero category for god knows why, so if you want to jerk off to weirdly specific underage squirrel-pitched girls squealing like piggies and subsequently be arrested by the FBI for jerkin’ it to audio CP, be my guest.

♥ Posted at 4:20:18 pm CDT