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Alpha Blood Window Flash


I made and completed this during high school, though I could not tell you what years or how old I was; I’m guessing I was 17-18. At first this was just going to be a test to see what kind of things I can do in Flash, but I grew fond of it and eventually finished it. The entire project was pretty serendipitous as I bullshitted the story of each episode after the previous one was finished, and somehow I think it worked out okay.

As you already know, anything made by teenagers is riddled with shit and AIDS. This story is no exception.

You will clench your fists at the clichés and rage at terrible animu tropes.

You will want to pour acid onto your eyes to relieve the painful art.

You will let out an audible groan every time you see something stupid happen (actually, you could probably play a drinking game and be dead by the time the series is finished).


I’m obviously not proud of my out-dated art or the bad writing, but because this is the only thing I’ve ever finished, I look upon it with some glimmer of pride despite the corny, terrible story and terrible …everything. Every time I look at the art I cringe, and I did think of updating it, but I decided against it because it would mess with the history of this series so I let it be, so I can laugh at it because I’m much better, now.

Additionally: In the credits, it does say I do all of the portraits but that’s a generalization because I either didn’t have enough space to list things or I was lazy, I just do most of them. Not that anyone gives a shit anyway. Here are the ones I didn’t do:

  • Lord Feres (from Ragnarok Online)
  • Lord Argus (from Valkyrie Profile)
  • Alexander (from Ragnarok Online as well)


Tenko, a Guardian Angel, tags around with Felix to help her try and find her brother as they go through waves of demons and other crazy stuff, and eventually get entangled in an affair that they may or may not be able to handle.

This flash had nothing to do with the actual Blood Window storyline. This was just a side-test. So yes, Felix is a girl and nothing from this flash would ever make sense in the context of what my ‘actual’ storyline was… not that it matters because it is dead now.

Episode 1: Wings

Tenko meets Felix in this first episode. It’s the beginning of their journey.

Click here to see Episode 1

Episode 2: The Servant

After Tenko forces his way into Felix’s life, they decide to go to town to try and see if they can find any info on Aidan. But… a demon lurks…

Click here to see Episode 2

Episode 3: A Hollow Wound

Tenko takes some liberties to drill out some information from Felix. He suggests they go to his friend Marius’s house, since he knows some stuff. Then, two new antagonists appear…

Click here to see Episode 3

Episode 4: Plague Comrade

What are our two heroes left to do? The only way they can get Aidan back is to kill Lord Argus. However … that’s just exactly what they’ll do.

Click here to see Episode 4

Episode 5: Ascend to Death

Now that Tenko and Felix are in the Underworld, they’re one step closer to getting Aidan back. Can they destroy Lord Argus for good?

Click here to see Episode 5

Episode 6: Double Grenade

We pause right before they step into Lord Argus’s castle, and the chilling battle begins inside…

Click here to see Episode 6

Episode 7: Joker Card

What can Felix do now?! Being alone, and in the Underworld, what guidance does she have now? Luckily, our only hope is still Lord Feres.

Click here to see Episode 7

Episode 8: Reunite

Out of the Underworld and seeking Marius’s help, Felix’s conclusion comes to that she must kill Lord Valis… but not alone, as Skogul generously lets her. How can she get Tenko back?

Click here to see Episode 8

Episode 9: Vampiric Assistant

After getting a catalyst for Tenko, the two brainstorm in the inn to figure out what to do next. Up comes Lord Feres with a plea, but another new friend appears as well…

Click here to see Episode 9

Episode 10: Feres

Who was that strange man in the castle?? Nevermind now! We’re almost close to Aidan. But, our good friend Skullburne comes to give Felix and Tenko a little “incentive”…

Click here to see Episode 10

Episode 11: Transparency

Lord Valis, that’s him?! Lord Feres is insane?! What’s going on in the Underworld…?! All Felix and Tenko can do now is destroy Lord Valis… but…

Click here to see Episode 11

Episode 12: Death Serenade

Only Feres and Kinos remain now. Atleast we got Aidan back!! But what about Felix and Tenko…? Are human emotions consuming them now? Our friend Cress, the god of Bed of Thorns, gives Tenko some … advice …

Click here to see Episode 12

Episode 13: Solace

Tenko must go back to Felix or else he’s stuck in a whirlpool of emotions, forever… but Aidan stands in his way. Skogul and Skullburne are out for Felix. What else can go wrong in this final episode of Blood Window?

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