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¤ January 21, 2015 ¤

♬ Auto Emote 1.0

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Finally finished this piece of shit! (Made with WPF / C#)


Like being a weeaboo and using Japanese emotes, clearly superior over English ones? This is for you!

  • Automatically copies emotes to clipboard when clicked
  • Add your own emotes (or any text, really) by changing emotes.txt
  • Sick resizable window!

Note: If you drag the cursor around on the emotes too much, you’ll likely get an error about being unable to open the clipboard. I assume the rapidfire clipboard copying causes the error because it can’t keep up, but it won’t crash the program.

You cannot rename emotes.txt to anything else. It will run, but nothing will show in the box. If there are weird squares, that means your computer doesn’t have Japanese language pack installed.


♥ Posted at 3:40:58 pm CDT

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