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Now in a TINY ASS SCREEN flavour!

About the Suicidal Octopus

My name is Anni K. and this is my personal blog/art dump. I started this site when I was 14 or 15, suggested by some friends to make a site for stuff I drew. It’s gone through many iterations but in 2013 I finally bought my own domain, and this version of the Suicidal Octopus was created.

I like video games, anime, cooking, shabby chic stuff, animals and gore. I don’t like cilantro, Taylor Swift, narcissism and kids these days.

Feel free to I fucking love email! Or you could just leave a comment somewhere, that would probably be easier.

If you are not a total stranger and would like a subdomain here, just send me an email with your desired username/password and I will set it up for you! Then you can have a sweet subdomain like Kooters does, except there ain’t nothin’ on there so it isn’t as cool and sweet as I say it is. But YOU can make it cool and sweet.