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I love to play MMOs! They are literally my life, and have been since I was probably 8 years old. My brother got me into my first MMO at that time, and ever since then, I’ve been addicted.

Guild Wars 2

I currently play Guild Wars 2 on the Stormbluff Isle server. My main is a guardian, Magnus Vermilion (someone took ‘Vermillion’ with two L’s, bastards), and my second favourite is my thief, Verdieux Vasallo. I have all 8 classes but those two are my favourites. My least favourite might be mesmer or ranger… I reeeally don’t like ranger.

I maxed all crafting disciplines and am looking forward to getting all my guys to the recent new cap of 500 now. What a loser! I’m also working on getting Verdieux his world completion star, though I am so not looking forward to running around in Cursed Shore alone. As a zerker thief.

Here are some resources that I use for playing the game:

  • Dulfy is the one-stop for pretty much everything. She gets information very quickly on all patches and always includes posts on everything in the patch, like new gemstore items and more. Dulfy also has weapon skin galleries which are a very helpful resource too.
  • GW2 Stuff has a slick UI for event timers on world bosses, accurate usually to ~30 seconds of a delay. You can change your server in the upper left.
  • GW2LFG is the primary, and for right now only reliable way to find a group for any dungeon. Until Arenanet implements an LFG tool, that is.
  • Orr Maps is a player-reliant series of maps for each server that allows players to cartograph where high-end items (like orichalcum) are in Malchor’s Leap, Cursed Shore, Frostgore Sound, and Southsun Cove.
  • GW2 Temple States is useful to figure out which temples and dungeons are uncontested, so you don’t have to waste guest passes trying to figure out which server has CoF open!
  • GW2 Spidy is great for checking the current market price of items and trends in the past. It will also tell you how much it costs to make an item based on either crafting the materials or buying items on the TP.
  • GW2 Database is good for quickly looking up anything in the game. I primarily use it to list recipes and filter by skill level.
  • GW2 Armour Gallery has one big list of all armours for all races on one page, great for trying to pick out any armour you want.

Miscellaneous Stuff

List of MMOs that I’ve played! It’s pretty comprehensive, and there’s no real point to it other than my own curiosity to see my ‘resume.’

Vindictus Fashion Site was an old site used to host costume combinations on the game Vindictus. This was a couple of years ago and I have since quit, but the game is still fondly in my memories since the combat was amazing. And the customization, too; where would I be without my kawaii waifus?